Individual Needs

Clothing alteration for individual needs

We are Sew Special because we perform miracles in adjusting some of the clothes to fit, with old fashion human touch in Sydney.

We provide clothing alterations to your individual needs and expectations: maternity, petite, large sizes, taller, older, shorter, and any other needs that make each one of us unique.

Some of our alterations services: elastic waist pants, reinforcements, hemming pants, back snap alterations, Velcro closures, and much more.

All man and women can enjoy total comfort and fashionable style.We can make you feel good and look great and improve quality of life.

"Every person is an individual, and cannot be satisfied with the garments that are not made uniquely for her or him!"

We use durable material and extra stitching for sewing clothes reinforcements to strengthen specified garment problem areas. Ideal for people who are rough on their clothing.

Shortening or Lengthening

  • We shorten and/or lengthen all garments for a perfect fit. We are hemming pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, shirts, coats, formal and wedding dresses regardless of style, material or size for men and women of all ages.

Snap Top Alterations

  • Snap closures are a useful option for: Nursing uniforms, medical uniforms, top scrubs, medical maternity uniforms and special needs people who have difficulty buttoning or need help dressing.

Velcro Closure

  • We can sew Velcro closures for any style of clothing ranging from a dress shirt to a tuxedo shirt to a pant closure.

Tie up Alterations

  • Shirts, Uniforms, Dresses, and nightwear are opened in the back or side and ties are used as closures.